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Energy&Management cover the whole picture of energy and provides insight to the interaction between renewables and fossil energies, framework for investments, understanding the markets and business opportunities.

Energy today

  • Increasing demand...
  • ...possibly reduction by climate change
  • Market deregulations and shale gas - influence on electricity prices...
  • All forms of energy needed

Energy tomorrow

  • Oil for long - but will prices stay high?
  • Increasing CO2 cost to encurage more renewables?
  • Transport sector – substitutes to oil?
  • Affordable electricity prices...

But it will be governments, and how they respond to the twin challenge of climate change and energy security, that will shape the future of energy in the longer term. But doubts remain about the implementation of recent policy commitments. Even if they are acted upon, much more is needed to be done to ensure that this transformation happens quickly enough.  

World Energy Outlook 2010.

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