Capacity Building

Corporate Governance – creating shared values - risk and compliance.
The UN Global Compact principles is a set of recommendations business can commit to comply voluntarily and report on the ten principle related to Labor, Human rights, Environment and Transparency. The compliance and risk landscape is continually changing.

There is increased focus on moving from CSR to creating shared values.

To remain competitive, companies should have governance, risk management and compliance strategy in place to be an attractive employer, keep pace with new legislation and stakeholder expectations.

We can offer:

  • Independent review of the company's internal policies and the external reporting to the stakeholders of the company.
  • Assistance with framework and regulations for operations and investments
  • Internal learning in the concept of creating shared values and how this can apply to the company's strategy and procedures


Energy framework and public authorities

The wrong approach to the authorities and the framework, regulating the investments and operation of energy plants/developments, may jeopardize the reputation of a company in addition to resulting in increased cost and delays of the development.

Our team has the people, relationships, and expertise to help your company understand how to comply with the framework and regulations for the energy sector. We can assist you in understanding the regulatory framework for the energy sector in Norway, both for the renewables and the oil and gas sector, and how to proceed to be understood by the policymakers and politicians in Norway.

Our strategic thinking and approach integrates in depth knowledge of framework and regulations, in addition to governmental bodies and politicians. We can assist to find the right approach helping to build reputations and navigate correctly both on municipality level and central government level.


Mentoring can be an efficient management development tool. Experienced mentors can be useful assistance to operational managers in their daily operation.

Capacity building through dialogue:

  • learning from each other
  • exchange of experience
  • learning by networking

A structured program for the dialogue will assure that the targets set for the mentoring process is aligned with the strategy of the company.

Our team has experience as discussion partners and mentor in national programs offered by Energi Norge and Innovation Norway. Our customers are CEOs of small and medium size companies, managers in the energy sector and at university level.

Presentations, lectures and workshops

We can deliver insight to clients via briefings, workshops and seminars. Based on preference, these can be standardized updates on recent key developments impacting your business, or tailored in-depth analyses to address specific questions or develop future scenarios.

All members of the team have experience in facilitating knowledge and experience transfer about energy management, administration and technology between managers and experts in governments and companies. We are experienced lecturers at conferences, in-house courses/seminars and give academic lectures at BSc and MSc levels.

We have a broad network and can draws on key personnel and lecturers from the Norwegian and international energy sector, all having considerable experience from senior managerial and technical positions in government, operating, engineering and service companies, consultancies, R&D institutions and universities.

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