Capacity Building

Management is the process of getting people to accomplish desired goals within a set framework using available resources efficiently and effectively.

Assisting top and middle managers in organizational issues:

  • Develop an efficient and sustainable business model and strategy that is suited to meet different economic conditions
  • Reduction of operating costs and minimization of waste to enhance profitability
  • Elimination of activities that do not add value to the business
  • Develop an effective supply chain that supports the efficient flow of goods from suppliers through to customers

Project management / Management for hire

Managing projects is about technique and communication
A project is a historical process, management skills and methods have to evolve according to the project life cycle
Teams are more important than super individuals.
Project members often have more responsibility than authority; influence is a key enabler.
Competence of the project organization and tool for risk and progress control; vital for project finance.

En styreleders syn på stategisk kompetanseutvikling
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Supergenerasjonen arbeidsliv
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Innovasjon - jippo eller seriøst ment
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