Capacity Building

The support we offer is an evaluation of the strategic platform against the possibilities and challenges in the external - national and international- and internal framework, regulations and the dynamics of the markets of the company.

We work with clients to assess the market potential (size and growth rate) for new or existing products and services, leverage our bottom up, field by field database to assess overall market and key segments (geography, customers), and assess customer preferences and value drivers through interviews.

We participate in business development with clients, preparing for and participating in customer meetings and negotiations, providing energy and project management support to help clients advance. Our key value proposition is to combine our analytical skills and capacity, and energy industry experience and network.

We have worked with investors and owners to identify new owners or strategic investors. Our key contributions are to identify and contact potential buyers, develop investor presentations and business plans, prepare for and participate in negotiations, and follow through with project management and support to maintain momentum and drive for closure. We work seamless in joint transaction teams with financial and legal advisors and company management.

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Focused meetings and productive end results
  • Analysis to assist in the priority and decision making process
  • Development of business plans and action plans
  • Insight in the energy markets
  • Insight to the Nordic and European electricity market
  • Analysis of framework for Investments
  • Energy Project financing
  • Partner search
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